Manufacturer & Supplier of Winding Temperature Sensor

In the power and distribution transformers oil and winding temperature are crucial parameters to be determined. It is important to attain accurate and reliable temperature readings to ensure long service life of the transformer. The temperature indicator is ideally used to detect the winding temperature. The measurement of the winding temperature is critical to determine. Generally, to provide alarm and control signals, the winding temperature sensors are used. Different types of Winding Temperature Sensors such as Stator Winding Rtd are produced according to the size and functionality required. The resistance temperature detectors (RTD) are used in the Winding Temperature applications, due to its high accuracy and stability. We have served a wide collection of winding temperature sensor in the industries in India. They are widely appreciated in the industries for accurate operations and high efficiency. The temperature sensors are tested on all the parameters. We offer premium quality winding temperature sensor to our customers.