Bayonet Thermocouple

Bayonet Thermocouple Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

The Bayonet thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor designed for long immersing depth applications. The general purpose of bayonet thermocouple is where metal sheathed thermocouples are required. Additionally, they are ideal for applications with metal sensor tip installed directly into the drilled hole. When installed properly, the bayonet can be adjusted to obtain a positive pressure at the tip. A wide-spread collection of bayonet thermocouple assemblies are offered at premium ranges. The bayonet thermocouples are available with different flexible diameters and adjustable immersion lengths. Bayonet thermocouple are used in applications such as plastic processing machinery, injection moulding machinery, bearings, pipelines vessels, cylinder heads and oil sumps in engines. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Bayonet Thermocouple in Ahmedabad. Custom made bayonet thermocouple is also manufactured by our experienced engineers. We are also engaged in supplying our extensive selection of bayonet thermocouples in several industries. We are a well known thermocouple supplier in India.

Features of Bayonet Thermocouple

  • Adjustable bayonet probe
  • Grounded hot junction
  • Fast response time
  • Rigid construction