Molten Metal Thermocouples

L shape Thermocouple for Molten Metals

Molten metal thermocouples are used for the measurement of melt temperature of non-ferrous metals such as magnesium, brass, aluminum, and bronze. The understanding of temperature of liquid metal is important for the quality and production of steel, cast-iron and non-ferrous alloys. Before the melting of the metal, the molten metal thermocouples are the temperature sensors used for the measurement of temperature to attain the optimum quality. The molten metal thermocouples are used in the production and refining of steel, iron, other ferrous & non ferrous metals, holding furnace, induction furnace, etc. We are the manufacturer of the temperature sensors for the measuring temperature of the molten metal. With years of experience in the industry, we are offering top quality molten metal thermocouples in the industries. Moreover, various types of temperature sensors such as L shape thermocouple for molten metal are available. We are one of the leading manufacturers of the molten metal thermocouples. We have served various customers with the collection of the molten metal thermocouples in India and overseas.

Features of Molten Metal Thermocouples

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Fast Response
  • Lightweight structure
  • Easy to use