RTD Sensor Manufacturer in Gujarat

The resistance changes with the temperature in the RTD (resistance temperature detector) Sensor. Thus, the resistance of the sensor increases when the temperature rises. The RTD Sensors use an external electronic device to calculate the resistance through an electric current by generating a voltage. Various types of RTD Sensors are available in the industry. The pt-100 temperature sensor is the well known RTD Sensor for measuring the temperature in the industrial sector. They are known for their accuracy. RTD Sensors are manufactured from authentic materials with great resistant properties. Thus, they offer accuracy in the measurement and standard stability. We manufacture RTD Sensor with Thermowell to suit your applications. We are a leading RTD sensor manufacturer in Gujarat. With our courteous services, we have served many industries in India. We are a foremost RTD Sensor Supplier in Gujarat. We aim to serve utmost industries in India as well as internationally and become a well known RTD Sensor Supplier in India.

Features of RTD Sensors

  • Accuracy
  • Standard durability
  • Modular designs