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We are delighted to present Raystek Process Instruments LLP as one of the chief company in manufacturing the premium collection of temperature sensors. Under the direction of Mr. R. V. Patel, the company was established in 1996 to produce a diverse range of temperature sensors in Ahmedabad.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing abilities and immense experience in the relevant area, we offer in-house metal cutting, machining, shaping, welding and finishing capabilities. Precisely designed and manufactured temperature sensors for diverse sectors, cables & connectors, temperature controller, and gauge accessories are available. The complete assortment of temperature sensors, thermo wells, cables and accessories is produced with high quality materials. We are one of the leading manufacturers of fine quality temperature sensors. Moreover, custom-designed temperature sensors are fabricated by our experienced engineers. We are extremely passionate about in offering luxurious assembly of the temperature sensors to our valued customers. We are one of the prominent RTD Sensor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Our products provide superior performances with brilliant features for various operations. We aim to be an established as a globally trusted leader Temperature Sensor manufacturer in Gujarat.

Temperature Sensor Manufacturer

An electronic device designed to assess the temperature of its environment is known as a temperature sensor. The temperature sensors convert the calculated temperature into an electronic data for keeping a record, monitoring or changing the signal temperature. They detect the heat energy generated in a system and measure its amount in an analogue or digital output. Varieties of temperature sensors are available for diverse applications such as sustaining a certain temperature are vital for the equipment used to produce medical drugs or other heat liquids, to detect the accurate the temperature in physical, mechanical, chemical, and biological environments affected. There are following ways to sense the temperature, with direct contact and without direct contact. Variety of temperature sensors include resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s), Platinum Rtd Sensor, Ceramic Thermocouple Sensor, thermocouples, thermo wells, Jet Dyeing Sensors, RTDs for Stenter, Digital Infrared Thermometer, temperature transmitters, temperature gauges are manufactured by our well-trained personnel. We are a renowned Temperature Sensor Manufacturer in India.

Industrial Temperature Sensor Manufacturer

The industrial temperature sensor is the key factor in the process control to ensure optimized equipment functionality. It is important to choose an ideal temperature sensor to match the industrial applications for required performances. We are a remarkable industrial temperature sensor manufacturer in the industry. Various applications of industrial temperature sensor are industrial processing, plastics, food & beverages, aerospace, medical & pharmaceuticals, off-road equipment/transportation, power generation, semiconductors, steel production, etc. The following factors to consider for selecting an appropriate temperature sensor for the industrial applications are operating environment such as temperature and pressure, the range of the temperature in application, the location of the sensor, compatibility of the material, accuracy of the measurement. The thermocouples, Dryer Thermocouples, thermo well, resistance temperature detectors (RTD), temperature transmitters, temperature gauges, temperature indicators/controllers, infrared thermometers, socket weld thermo well, cables & connectors are manufactured for various industrial applications. Various types of thermocouple for plastic industry are available. We are a reliable RTD cable manufacturer in Gujarat. The temperature sensors fabricated by our reliable engineers with high grade quality materials offers efficient accuracy of the temperature readings, ruggedness, and are suitable for critical conditions.

High Temperature Sensor

The high temperature sensors are specially designed to process high temperature applications. As these temperature sensors have to deal with high temperature conditions, they are fabricated from high purity ceramics with anti-corrosive metals. The pure ceramic material endow with better resistance against the contamination. Generally, the thermocouples are used for the high temperature application as the High Temperature Thermocouples have potential to deal with temperature operations. We offer a quick response thermocouple. With impressive and reliable techniques using premium raw materials to cope with high temperatures, a top-class range of high temperature sensors are produced. We are the manufacturer of a wide assortment of solutions for high temperature sensors. All the temperature inspections are carried out on the temperature sensors to assure the high and reliable performance of the temperature sensors. We are a well known thermowell manufacturer in Gujarat.

Temperature Sensor for Plastics

We are one of the leading manufacturers of the temperature sensors for plastic industry. Various types of temperature sensors for plastic applications are fabricated by our intellectuals. We have delivered enormous range of temperature sensors in numerous plastic industries. For any plastic applications, we have ideal temperature sensors. We have employed a brilliant staff to help you understand the right temperature sensor to suit your requirements. We have excellent designs of the thermocouple for the plastic industries. In addition, we manufacture the temperature sensor with customize specification according the requirements for plastic applications. An infrared sensor is used for effective monitoring measurement of the temperature. The temperature sensors for plastic industries are fabricated with various dimensions, thickness and designs.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to manufacture flawless and high quality temperature equipments with the help of our professionals. We provide the finest quality products with courteous delivery services. We have hired a supportive staff to offer reliable overhaul to our esteemed customers. We aspire to be the industry leader in manufacturing the industrial temperature sensors. We have a positive approach towards the temperature sensor solutions. With our superior collection we have carved a commendable place in the industry, we aspire to serve utmost clients and achieve customer satisfaction.

Temperature Sensor for packaging machine

We have served variety of temperature sensors for packaging machines in various industries of India. To implement smart packaging practices in different industries like plastic industry, food and beverage industry, and other manufacturing industries. We offer a promising range of temperature sensors for external packages design, internal packaging process and any packaging process. The temperature sensors are manufactured with finest quality materials and advanced technologies to offer standard accuracy and high efficiency. The temperature sensors have ability to withstand in the harsh environments. The main factor in the packaging process is humidity/moisture and the temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperature. We are a leading thermowell manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We have manufactured versatile range of temperature sensors for packaging machines. All the temperature sensors are quality tested and inspected on all the parameters.

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