Tube skin Thermocouple

Tubeskin Thermocouple Manufacturer

The tubeskin thermocouples are suitable for fire heaters in tube surface temperature measurement. It is significant to ensure the efficient operations for long life of the thermocouple. They are generally used for examining surface temperature boilers, heat exchange tubes or super heater. The tubeskin thermocouples are welded in the heater tube. For accurate measurement of the temperature of tube walls in petrochemical sectors, super heater and boilers. Various application areas of the tubeskin thermocouples are petrochemical and oil industries, high temperature industries, corrosive atmosphere, boilers, furnaces, chemical industries, and power plant technology. The tube skin thermocouple can also be fabricated based on the specifications and requirements. Ceramic tube thermocouples are also available. The tubeskin thermocouple assemblies for various projects are delivered by our company in many industries. We are the prominent tubeskin thermocouple manufacturer in the industry.

Features of Tubeskin Thermocouple

  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Flexible cable
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low maintenance