Bearing RTD Sensors Supplier in Gujarat

We are a Bearing Producer. Machinery load temperatures are measured using temperature gauges called RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensors. The sensors themselves consist of a resistor element that changes resistance in response to temperature variations. This element frequently consists of platinum or nickel.

The temperature sensor is affixed to the bearing's surface or installed inside a bearing housing. The RTD's resistance varies together with the bearings temperature. A connected system of sensors or temperature transmitter converts the shift in resistivity into a temperature measurement.

Industrial applications including rotating machinery like pumps, turbines, and motors frequently involve bearing RTD sensors. They are employed to keep an eye on the temperature of bearings, which can be used to spot issues like excessive heat accumulation brought on by contact, lubrication issues, or component wear. Maintenance staff can spot possible problems before they become critical by monitoring the outside temperature of bearings with RTD sensors, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

Some of the features of Bearing RTD sensors include :

  1. High Accuracy : Bearing RTD sensors are well-known for their high degree of measuring temperature precision. They are especially accurate since they usually come with a very small tolerance level.
  2. High Durability : These sensors are made to withstand difficult circumstances like extreme heat, moisture, and acidic materials. They frequently originate out of strong substances like stainless steel that are impervious to corrosion.
  3. Fast Response Time : Since bearing RTD sensors respond quickly, they can quickly identify shifts in temperature in bearings. Fast shifts in temperature can harm the bearings, so realising this is critical.
  4. Easy Installation : Depending on the specific use, bearing sensors for RTD can be installed in a number of ways and are generally simple to set up.
  5. Cost-effective : Comparing to other temperature measurement tools like the thermocouples or thermistors, Bearings RTD temperature sensors are less costly.
  6. Compatibility : Bearing RTD sensors are simple to slip into current devices since they are compliant with a variety of control and monitoring solutions.