Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter Manufacturers

A mechanical device used to measure the free force of a gaseous or a liquid substance is known as a pressure transmitter. The surface area of this sensor is made of silicon, steel, or other pressure sensitive materials according to the requirements. The applied force is converted into an electrical signal through the pressure sensor. Pressure transmitter is used in various applications areas of gas, laboratories, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors. The pressure of the gaseous or liquid elements is measured as a surface area of a quantity of force per unit. Generally, the gauge pressure transmitters are extensively used for industrial applications. We are one of the industrial pressure transmitters manufacturers in India. Our pressure transmitters are highly appreciated in the industries for its optimum quality and high accuracy. We are one of the foremost suppliers of pressure transmitters in the industry. Additionally, we are one of the leading pressure transducer manufacturers of India.

Features of PT

  • High Accuracy
  • Optimum Quality
  • Standard Durability