Cable Type RTD Sensor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

In many industrial and scientific applications, RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensors are essential for accurate temperature measurement. Cable type RTD sensors are very desirable due to their user-friendliness and adaptability when compared to other RTD sensor types. A sensing element, usually composed of copper, nickel, or platinum, is housed in a protective sheath and connected to an extension cable by means of these sensors. It is perfect for situations where direct sensor installation is difficult or impossible since the cable enables flexible and distant temperature sensing. The temperature is reliably determined by measuring the change in the resistance of the sensor element that occurs with temperature. Because of their great precision, stability, and repeatability, cable type RTD sensors are ideal for crucial operations in sectors including chemical processing, power generation, and HVAC systems. Their sturdy design and the cable's adaptability guarantee dependable operation even in challenging or difficult-to-reach locations.

The three main components of a Cable Type RTD Sensor are:

  1. RTD Element : This is the real sensor, which is often composed of copper, nickel, or platinum and whose resistance varies with temperature. Platinum, often known as Pt100, is the most widely used RTD element. The number 100 denotes the element's resistance at 0°C.
  2. Lead Wires : The RTD element and the measuring equipment are connected via these cables. From the RTD element, they transfer the resistance signal to the external circuitry. To compensate for lead wire resistance and increase accuracy, the number of lead wires can be changed; normally, there are two, three, or four.
  3. Sheath/Protection Tube : This protects the RTD element and lead wires from external elements including moisture, chemicals, and physical harm by encasing them. In order to guarantee dependability and durability in many applications, the sheath can be constructed from a variety of materials, including stainless steel.