K Type Thermocouple Connector

k type thermocouple supplier & exporter

The K type thermocouple is designed for applications with extremely high temperature. This sensor consists of nickel contents. They are most effective in a clean oxidized atmosphere as they are made of nickel alloy. Thus, they are ideal for oxidative and corrosive applications. Moreover, they are suitable for damp atmosphere. The k type thermocouples are used in extreme heat applications and chemical process plants. We offer a wide collection of K Type thermocouple for various industrial applications with top quality temperature sensors and efficient performances. We also have K type thermocouple connector and other assemblies for the temperature sensors. Various designs and sizes of the K type temperature sensors are fabricated with authentic materials. These thermocouples are basically a leaf type hand probe for surface temperature measurement. Backed by our professionals, we also manufacture these K type thermocouples with customized specifications to suit your applications. We aim to serve our extensive collection of temperature sensors in numerous industries in various cities in India and internationally.


  • Durability
  • Anti corrosive
  • Optimum quality
  • Efficient performance