Threaded Thermo well

Threaded Thermowell Manufacturer in India

The threaded thermowell is designed to protect the sensor of the temperature instrument by high velocity, pressurized and corrosive media. Thus, it helps in isolating the sensor and ensures long life of the temperature sensor. Furthermore, they offer accurate measurement of the temperature. The threaded thermowell is fabricated with various sizes, dimensions and materials to suit your applications. This thermowells are used in various applications such as chemical and petrochemical plants, water and wastewater pressure control, pharmaceutical, biotech, food & beverage and other sectors. The threaded thermowells are ideal for anti-corrosive environment for small pipe vessels in applications that require infrequent replacement. We are one of the leading manufacturers for the threaded thermowell in the industry.

Features of Threaded Thermowell

  • Efficient
  • High performance
  • Reasonable